The most comfortable massage for brain health

Raku’s Therapeutic Japanese Head Massage rejuvenates the brain and elicits total relaxation. Our style of head massage is the first of its kind in Vancouver and is renowned in Japan for its ability to effectively and quickly reduce the symptoms of stress. It was created with the help of Japan’s top health care professionals, from diverse fields including: neuroscience, acupuncture, psychology, and of course massage therapy.

How it works:

Aligning the hands and fingers to provide perfect pressure on the scalp, a Japanese head massage therapist releases tension in muscles around the head and eye areas, promoting good blood circulation. As a result, the mind and brain become totally relaxed, leading to improved health, focus, and lower stress levels.

This massage is especially beneficial for people with brain tiredness caused by: stress, over-work, worry and/or constant computer use.

Our massage also does not require any water, oils or equipment.

Try our head massage and be your “stress-free self” again.


Benefits of Therapeutic Japanese Head Massage

  • Rejuvenates the brain
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves mental focus
  • Induces a calmer mindset
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Alleviates eye fatigue, nervous tension and headaches
  • Improves facial wrinkles and facial puffiness
  • Promotes facial lift
  • Promotes good hair health


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