All options below involve treatment of the entire head area including;
areas around the eyes, forehead, the top/side/back of the head, as well as the base of the neck and ears
About our staff: All Raku Head Massage therapists are trained and certified by Japan’s Dry Head Spa Association (D.H.S.A.)

Refreshment Treatment 30 min, $90


This treatment helps to take mental fatigue away and rejuvenates the brain.

Rejuvenation Treatment45 min, $115

— Tailored for today’s Business and Working Professionals —


This treatment helps to reduce stress level and improve mental focus while promoting an overall refreshed feeling. The treatment focuses on releasing muscle tension caused by stress and constant use of computer and smart phone screens.

Total Relaxation 55 min, $125


This treatment will completely relax your mind/brain and improve mental and physical health by letting all your stresses melt away…

Anti-Aging Treatment 60 min, $135

アンチエイジングコース (筋膜フェイシャルマッサージ付)

This treatment helps to reduce facial puffiness and wrinkles. It also improves facial lift and promotes good hair health.



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